Vishal Bhardwaj has done it again. 7 Khoon Maaf is nothing short of a masterpiece in cinematic filmmaking. Even with a 160 minute run time, the film feels very fluid, with the story adapting to itself scene by scene and upping the intensity with every frame. Of course it helped to have an ensemble cast of very talented actors who brought to life the director’s vision.

You know a movie’s good when you keep talking about it after you’ve left the theatre. Personally speaking, the debate over what Suzanna’s 7th sin was continued till the day after. That’s how you can tell a story and screenplay is riveting.

One of the best things I liked about the film was the attention to detail in the sets and wardrobe. Subtle elements such as Priyanka’s acid wash jeans to reflect the mid-90s, the Motoral Startac that Nik the Russian husband was using, and the footage of the Babri Masjid incident playing in the background all lead to engaging the intelligent mind and addressing the period without having to use supers or captions. It was rather brilliantly executed since a lot of filmmakers choose to simply show the time and location as a subtitle on the lower half of the screen.

All in all, 7 Khoon Maaf will appeal to those who enjoy a break from the usual song and dance, oot patang comedy hijinks and tales of forbidden (or at least challenging) love. Plus, you gotta love the one and only song that’s featured, a desi version of a Russian wedding tune.

Bhardwaj, hats off man. I see 7 Khoon Maaf doing exceptionally well in the festival circuit.

RATED: Must Watch